Ema Rie

Ema Rie's works are a result of her pursuit of shape and garment.
It surpasses the realms of fashion, returns to it and expands on it further.

Her approach to the female body gives birth to completely new ideas incutting.
Her pursuit of the answers to the questions, "What is beauty?" "What is a garment"
leads to collaborations with science.

The brain which gives birth to mathematics,
effects the living organisms,
and thus a new exploration is born
from mathematics to the universe and to the human being.

Works where the multi-layered time and conscienceness of
"Intuition and the Scientific Mind" "Exploration and Creation"
breath together

The act of creating itself invites further exploration.

2017 Changed her name to Ema Rie (former name : Eri Matsui)

Born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
Graduated from Musashino Art University Junior College of Art in Design Studies,
Dyeing and Weaving Course.
Attended William Rainey Harper College fashion design course from 1983 to 1985.
Established "Eri Matsui Japan" in 1988.
Resided in Paris from 1993 through 1999.
Formed "the ISAC meeting" in 1999 with a physicist, mathematician, engineer and artist.
Began studies at the Musashino Art University to encourage creative integration of fine arts and science.
While participating in the Tokyo Collection, Matsui also holds exhibitions showcasing her art works,
and continually collaborates with scientists, mathematicians and artists from various fields.
At the same time, as a wedding dress designer she continues to explore and introduce new ways to expand on the beauty of her dresses.
In 2009, she designed and delivered the world's first zero-gravity wedding dress
(after lifting off from NASA's Kennedy Space Center, the wedding was held in the skies of Mexico).
Member of the Council of Fashion Designers, Tokyo(C-F-D).
2005 - 2007 Served as Chairman of the Space Couture Design Contest Committee
Unit Leader of Spacewear Development Unit
(Selected Unit of JAXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Open Lab Space Business Proposition)
2013 Established “EMcreation Co.,Ltd”
Launched the brand name “EMarie”

Collection Shows

●Curved Surface, Mathematical and Geometrical Forms,
Aoyama Round Theater, Tokyo, Japan
●Topology, Topological form -in collaboration with Topologist Dr. MARUYAMA Noriko,
Tokyo Church of Christ, Tokyo, Japan

●A collaboration with mathematical computer software ,
Elgar House, Tokyo, Japan
●Brain, Mind, Computer and Fashion
-in collaboration with Dr. MATSUMOTO Gen, Group Director, Brainway Group, RIKEN Brain Science Institute,
Shibakoen Studio, Tokyo, Japan

●Resonance or Erosion -polyhedronic fashion created through the use of a synthetic body,
derived by transforming the flesh into its computerized form...
-in collaboration with HARADA Shingo, CG Team, GA Digital Graphics,
Arisugawa Studio, Tokyo, Japan
●Time created by recollection. Absent Clothes. Relation.
-in collaboration with MAKI Yuichi, moving image artist,
Shibakoen Studio, Tokyo, Japan

●A changing erotic lifeless object -it begins with a single cell,
I = You, White lie, Substance without substance, the garment that catch moment when shape changes,
Hill Side Plaza, Tokyo, Japan
●KOROMO, where there is form the heart is unchained, From form is born a boundless garment, KYUDO,
Komazawa Kyudo-Jo, Tokyo, Japan

●A moment of eternity -all is past yet, all is now and future, spiraling form in Past, Present and Future,
a collection of wedding dress,
Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan
●Humanoid, Emotion -artificial intelligence with emotion, Paradoxical recollection of human nature,
Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan

●A touch of Infinity -sight, we open our eyes. And directly experience the visual world, as if without effort,
-in collaboration with Dr. Gert J. Van Tonder, a visual cognitive scientist,
Jiji Tsushin Hall, Tokyo, Japan

●Thinking Garment -the Garment Thinks. Am I Fashion? Am I something that covers a person? Who am I?
-in collaboration with Video Artist Isao Ohara and Product Designer Takahito Kawahara,
Hill Side Plaza, Tokyo, Japan

●Mathmatics, Art and Fashion,
-in collaboration with Professor Kazuyuki Aihara of Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo
and Visual Artist Keiko Kimoto
Billboard Live, Tokyo, Japan

-in collaboration with Ana Wirz-Justice ph.D & Sato Honma M.D., ph.D Ana Wirz-Justice ph.D Professor Emerifus Centre for Chronobiology Psychiatric Hospitals, University of Basel.
Sato Honma M.D., ph.D Professor, Department of Chronomedeicine, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine

●Sensing Garment Ema Rie×AI (Artificial Intelligence)
A/W EMARIE Collection in collaboration
Tokyo University. Tokyo, Japan

●Fusion of Artificial Intelligence with human sensibility
-in collaboration with RIKEN YOKOHAMA
Sponsorship Bureau of Economik Affiars Yokohama city
Yokohama land Mark Hall


●"Sensing Clothes"
Attended as artist with HARADA Shingo, Art and Medicine -Medicine as Metaphor,
NTT Inter Communication Center, Tokyo, Japan

●"The Art of Breathing in the World Art and Respiration"
Kawamura Memorial Museum of Art, Chiba, Japan
Related Event
Eri Matsui Fashion Live -YUTEN = A Melting point -Respiration -in the breathed each other atomosphere, the outer being fused into your own
- in collaboration with Yoji Toyosaki, moving image artist,
Kawamura Memorial Museum of Art, Chiba, Japan

●"Self + Other + Other"
-in collaboration with visual artist Yoji Toyosaki
Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo, Japan

Other Works

●Exhibited some dresses that imaged "FASHION IN SPACE?" in opening ceremony, 56th International Astronautical Congress, Fukuoka, Japan.
And held "Galaxy mini Collection show" in the Planetarium called "Mega Star" at related event "Space Fair".

Le Tapis Rouge, PARIS, FRANCE
●Costume Designer for "Makai Tensei" at Shinbashi Enbu-Jo Theater
(Based on the story by Futaro Yamada, Written and Directed by G2, Produced by Shochiku Co.,Ltd, Starring Hashinosuke Nakamura,
Hiroki Narimiya and Miki Fujitani)
● As Committee Chairman, produced and directed the Space Couture Design Contest open competition.
Participated in the selection of the Best Designer at the University of Tokyo.

●Served as a panelist at "Symposium for Educational Program to Enhance New Engineering Sensibilities - Science Encountering Fashion"
hosted by the Kyoto Institute of Technology.

by Institut des hautes études scientifiques : IHES
French Consulate N.Y.

WiDS TOKYO@Yokohama City University

●EXHIBITION Advancing “neurointelligence”
Brain Observers and Creators
National Museum of Emerging Sciense and Innovation


●[Sensing Garment] published by Kosakusha (2016)
in English and in Japanese

Media & Press(worldwide)

ec/arts3 - 02_03 haute/couture&mathematiques/japan France
nature - 4 July 2002 Science in culture Natural style Idea taken from
science are proving to be fashionable. U.K.
The New York Times - May16,2006 Science Times On the Runway:Spacewear Meant to Dazzle,
Even in Zero Gravity U.S.A.
The Guardian - May 3 2006 Science Weight design for first astrobride U.K.
math HORIZONS - September 2007 High Fashion goes Mathematical U.S.A.